Ruby and Freddies

Photo Shoots and Mini Eggs

Ruby and Freddies

Ive realised why I was late to the whole blogging thing....its because I forget to blog!! In my defence we have been super busy(which is great)!!  Not only have baby gifts been flying out(not literally - we stock nothing with wings) but we have been busy since Christmas devising gorgeous new gifts that we could make.  About a week or so ago we had our photoshoot with Julia(a fabulous tv/theatre props goddess who likes mini eggs) who makes the set look lush, coz lets face it, if it was down to me the photo would be a nappy cake in my office taken with my iPhone! Then there is the wonderful Stephanie Belton my photographer(who is more professional than us and spent less time eating mini eggs haha) She makes our products simply shine! The photoshoot went soooo well.  We had new products, Easter items, Mothers day, Fathers day etc...we also had mini eggs as a set prop(my idea I'll have you know) but in the end we all felt these couldn't possibly be any help to the photo's and were best off consumed!! 

So there you have it, a short post but it brings you up to speed a little on what we've been up to.

I shall attempt to blog again...with any luck before the year is out haha! Please keep telling people about our lovely little brand, without you we simply wouldn't be here. Have a fab weekend

amanda x