Ruby and Freddies

Its all about cards...

Ruby and Freddies

I told you I was no good at this blogging malarky....

We're always busy here at HQ, we've done our christmas shoot(we'll save that for a little nearer Christmas, although the weather could be mistaken for Autumn!!), we've made nappy cakes for celebs and we've got new products.  But for now lets talk I bought a whopping great in your face professional printer.  We were asked to make cards for a local Nursery and farm shop which have been a huge success so we decided to do some baby ones for our fabulous customers.  We have a funny new baby card giving you baby card organisation at its best-its got tick boxes-hoorah for tick boxes.  Boy, girl, multiple babies and of we all have that friend who doesn't care what we had but loves us enough to congratulate us right?!?!)  I know all you organised bods just did a little squeal of excitement knowing you can get the card sorted in plenty of time. 

I also had a friend who had a baby with her wife and I liked the idea of a card to celebrate two mums-ta da! we have one of those too.....and lets not forget adoption, so important and nice to welcome the little one to their new family and congratulate the parents on becoming the team they've always wanted.  Sooooo...for now thats cards sorted, no doubt there will be more as we haven't covered everything but I think we've made a good start.  Drop us aline if there's a card you think we should have and you never know we may make it and stick it on the site!

Over and out until next time (which lets face it with my track record could be tomorrow or next year...i just like keeping you on your toes! ) mwah!

Photo Shoots and Mini Eggs

Ruby and Freddies

Ive realised why I was late to the whole blogging thing....its because I forget to blog!! In my defence we have been super busy(which is great)!!  Not only have baby gifts been flying out(not literally - we stock nothing with wings) but we have been busy since Christmas devising gorgeous new gifts that we could make.  About a week or so ago we had our photoshoot with Julia(a fabulous tv/theatre props goddess who likes mini eggs) who makes the set look lush, coz lets face it, if it was down to me the photo would be a nappy cake in my office taken with my iPhone! Then there is the wonderful Stephanie Belton my photographer(who is more professional than us and spent less time eating mini eggs haha) She makes our products simply shine! The photoshoot went soooo well.  We had new products, Easter items, Mothers day, Fathers day etc...we also had mini eggs as a set prop(my idea I'll have you know) but in the end we all felt these couldn't possibly be any help to the photo's and were best off consumed!! 

So there you have it, a short post but it brings you up to speed a little on what we've been up to.

I shall attempt to blog again...with any luck before the year is out haha! Please keep telling people about our lovely little brand, without you we simply wouldn't be here. Have a fab weekend

amanda x

Website Launch

Ruby and Freddies

aaaannnnnnddddd relax!! so the day is finally here, late nights, a gazillion gallons of tea and a little chocolate(sssh don't tell anyone) and the new website is ready - phew!

We hope you like the new layout and browsing through our products.  Need more info? give us a shout.

Have a lovely day everyone.....I'm off for a lie down ha!

Late to the party - starting our blog!

Ruby and Freddies

Nothing quite like arriving late to the blog party! Full time mum, full time house wife and full time ruby and freddie-er! but as they say better late than never.  I hope our blog will be funny, informative, throw out a few special offers etc etc

so here goes....wish us luck on the blog bus!